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The Vokado-Team

Vokado Team

2006 a great idea was born - Vokado

The founder Mirko Wagner has the dream to create an international portal for the entire legal field! After many failures and lessons, the hard work was worth it with the help of his partner Nanett Born...
Since 2016 his dream had become reality and Vokado could finally go online.
It took many hours of work, sweat and nerves to present this portal to you.

Mirko Wagner
Mirko WagnerFounder & DSB
Toni Wagner
Toni WagnerCMO


Sarah Müller
Sarah MüllerGraphic design - meandsarah.net
Nanett Born
Nanett BornCEO
Lisa Poschmeier
Lisa PoschmeierClerical workers

Ralf Schirrmeister
Ralf SchirrmeisterPhoto and Graphic design - fotographik.de
Alexander Müller
Alexander MüllerCTO & DSB
Ling Yu
Ling YuClerical worker